The evolution destroyer

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His name is Joshua Feuerstein. Joshua must believe he’s an absolute genius because it took just three minutes for him to destroy hundreds of years of work by biological scientists.

That three minutes of assumed genius is contained in this video posted on his Facebook page.

The reality off course is that Joshua is a monumental ass. He preaches a very dangerous ideology that will wreck the future lives of potentially tens of thousands of children by tainting their education with pure unadulterated bullshit. Joshua wants science to be kept out of our classrooms….

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This guy belongs in a psychiatric hospital, oh wait, psychiatry is a science… he won’t believe he’s there.

His drivel about the word universe, for example, suits his needs; he made it up. In fact universe comes from the Latin universumun, uni (the combining form of unus, or “one”) with vorsum, versum (a noun made from the perfect passive participle of vertere, meaning “something rotated, rolled, changed”

Get the straight jacket.

The “most astounding fact” about the Universe

“In a 2008 interview by TIME magazine, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked what he thought the “most astounding fact” about the Universe was. Never at a loss for words, the famed scientist gave his equally astounding answer. His response is in the video below, set to images and music by Max Schlickenmeyer.

Source: Running ‘Cause I Can’t Fly