Please Sir, I have a question…

religious-symbols-t8326If I am an atheist, why do I need to obey the laws of a church dominated government?

What I mean is, the government makes many laws that are based on Christian ethics and teachings, why should I adhere to these if they don’t apply to me or my beliefs?

Or, for that matter, laws based on Muslim, Jew, etc, why do the adherents of these religions need to obey Christian values?

Should the government not make the law for everybody based on common values, rather than laws directed by the church/es?

The hot topic of the moment that demonstrates my query is homosexual marriage; why should the church tell the government that it’s not permissible? For some it is permissible, therefore the law should reflect that.

Other issues like polygamy, the Christian church says no, so the law says it’s a crime, but there are people like Mormons and Muslims where it is permissible according to their beliefs. Should the law not reflect the wishes of the people in general and not just the views of one church?

Contraception is regulated, divorce is another thorny area, the abortion issue is like walking on glass, euthanasia even more dangerous; all these issues are personal decisions, right for the person that makes them, why should the church have a say in the making of laws that prohibit them?

If it’s right for the person making the decision, then there should be no interference on religious precepts.

These outdated, antiquated, medieval humbugs are ideas that need to be relegated into history where they belong. The world has moved forward from when these ideas were pertinent, but the church remains stoically in the dark ages and dictates to the state what should, and should not be.

In my opinion the state needs to be divorced from the church, it would save so much grief in the world.

For example, if the laws on abortion were taken off the books, and a person was free to choose whether or not to have one within medical guidelines, there would be no demonstrations that lead to violence and civil disruption. The answer is simple, if you are a Christian and don’t believe in abortion… then don’t have one.

In making the laws the personal beliefs of the politicians must be put aside, they are there to represent the people, ALL people, not just their fanatical religious following.

The religious right don’t own the world, the world should be a place for everyone.



“Take your rosaries out of our ovaries.”

El Salvador court denies seriously ill woman abortion

Rights groups have argued that “Beatriz” should be entitled to an abortion, with this protester’s slogan reading: “Take your rosaries out of our ovaries.”

The Supreme Court of El Salvador has refused to allow a seriously ill pregnant woman to have an abortion, even though her foetus has almost no chance of survival.

Lawyers for the young woman – who suffers from lupus and kidney failure – had argued that continuing the pregnancy would place her life at risk.

The foetus itself is missing part or all of its brain.

All abortions are prohibited in El Salvador under any circumstances.

The constitution in the majority Roman Catholic country protects the right to life “from the moment of conception”.

The 22-year-old woman – referred to as “Beatriz”, not her real name – is said to be in fragile health, suffering from the chronic immune disorder lupus as well as kidney failure.

Tests suggest her 26-week-old foetus is developing without a complete brain, a condition called anencephaly. Almost all babies born with this condition die before or shortly after birth.

‘Absolute bar’


A medical committee at her maternity hospital, the Ministry of Health and rights groups had all supported Beatriz’s request to terminate her pregnancy, but judges at the Supreme Court voted four-to-one to reject the woman’s appeal.

In their ruling, the judges said: “This court determines that the rights of the mother cannot take precedence over those of the unborn child or vice versa, and that there is an absolute bar to authorising an abortion as contrary to the constitutional protection accorded to human persons ‘from the moment of conception’.”

The judges said that Beatriz’s health was “stable”, although they recognised this could change, ordering doctors to continue to monitor her health and provide all necessary treatment.

Judge Rodolfo Gonzalez, one of the four judges to rule against allowing Beatriz to have an abortion, said the constitutional court could not be turned into a “tribunal to allow the interruption of pregnancies”.

Judge Gonzalez said he had not been convinced Beatriz was at risk of dying if the pregnancy was allowed to continue.

He said the case, and the great number of groups and people who had wanted to offer their opinion on it, had shown there was a need to discuss abortion more widely in El Salvador.


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This is appalling!

We are in the 21st Century and the courts and lawmakers still bow down to medieval and Christian doctrine.

There is absolutely nothing ‘Christian’ about this decision and the laws that it is based on.

As an atheist, this makes me sick that people can believe in a doctrine that permits such atrocities.

El Salvador, the government, the judiciary should hang their heads in shame; better still hang the lot of them! They are not fit to be classed as humans.

Natural Law


Since it was the natural law that coitus should lead to conception, any artificial impediment was intrinsically evil.



Antibiotics :

Are similarly intrinsically evil because they are a an impediment to the natural law of death.

After all, it is part of the necessary logic of life that individuals must die; why then is it not immoral to use antibiotics, say, to prolong the pleasure of living.

Think about that!

Just another example of our selective hypocrisy.

Not a Difficult Concept

Abortion is dangerous subject because it’s totally tied with religion. Which is…

Yes, if you are incensed, then please leave. I find it difficult to imagine how intelligent people can believe in a crock o’ shit. However, if you do that’s your problem.

Back to the subject…

The world currently has about 7 billion people, that means the planet is over-populated by about 6.5 billion. Yes, those figures are correct. It has been established for sometime now that this little blue rock circling our sun has the capacity to support half a million people.

Now how has this situation arisen?

Too many people are having babies…

No, try again…

Not enough people are dying…

Ah, now you understand the problem.

Medicine, and subsequently medical science has upset the fine balance of life and death.

Why? Because of religion, we have placed an inflated value on ourselves and life.

For everyone not dying as a result of a bodily malfunction or malady, that person is using the resources of the next new-born. Not only the resources of the ‘next’ new-born, but several others as well when you take into account the cost of and use of hospital resources.

We have to let people die. Replacing hearts and stuff is really a crime against nature. We have to let people die. The job of the medical profession in this respect is to ensure that a person with major health issues lives a dignified pain-free life until the inevitable.

Sounds pretty radical, doesn’t it.

But I’m afraid that that is reality. Of course it’s a very harsh reality that we are unable to face because religion does not allow euthanasia and the like.

The other end of the stick is abortions.

Once again, religion says abortions are a big no no.

We have to allow abortions, because it is only abortions that will help balance the equilibrium of life in our greed for longevity.

So for all you God-fearing people out their there is the conundrum; you want life but are not prepared to take the consequences of the natural laws that govern us, preferring instead to believe in some mythical being who has the power to deal with that.

The… good people, why isn’t he?