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Why doesn’t this Surprise Me?

Global rise in new ‘legal highs’ – UN World Drug Report

New synthetic drugs are constantly being produced

Governments everywhere are struggling to cope with an increase in the number of new drugs known as “legal highs”, according to a UN report.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) says the use of traditional drugs such as heroin and cocaine is globally stable.

But new synthetic substances are being constantly spread via the internet, the office’s latest World Drug Report says.

It stresses that these seemingly legal drugs can have deadly effects.

These “new psychoactive substances” (NPS) have not been tested for safety and pose “unforeseen public health challenges”, the report notes.

“Sold openly, including via the internet, NPS… can be far more dangerous than traditional drugs.

“Street names, such as spice, meow meow and bath salts mislead young people into believing that they are indulging in low-risk fun,” the report adds.

Lucrative market

New substances are being identified all the time and the authorities are struggling to keep up, according to the UNODC.

“While law enforcement lags behind, criminals have been quick to tap into this lucrative market,” the report says.

It focuses on drugs that appear to originate in Asia but are marketed globally online.

The biggest market is the US, where use of these substances among youth “appears to be more than twice as widespread as in the European Union”, it says.

Within the EU, Britain is a particularly receptive market, the UNODC says, with almost 700,000 Britons aged between 15 and 24 having experimented with legal highs.

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction reported earlier this year that it had detected 73 new substances last year, compared with 49 in 2011.



The new synthetic drugs are a result of criminalising the originals.

If the original drugs had never been criminalised in the first place, there would be no synthetic drugs needed.

So instead of having to cope with addictions to a half dozen drugs, they have hundreds, if not thousands, of types of addiction to treat. The most addictive drug is said to be ‘crack’, you are addicted from the first try. If drugs were decriminalised then ‘crack’ would never have been invented, it wouldn’t be around plaguing the world. I assume Brazil is not the only country plagued by large areas of major cities where hundreds of people gather/live solely to consume ‘crack’ all day.

The only way to stem the creation of new illegal highs is to decriminalise all drugs and treat drug addiction as a sickness instead of a crime.

Drug addiction is not a crime. Is alcoholism a crime? Of course not, it is a symptom to be treated.

The politicians are fools!

The politicians are blind fools!

The mere fact that we (the public) put these politicians in power is strong evidence that we are also fools, perhaps even bigger fools.

Some countries are having a rethink about the criminality of drugs, but they are moving too slowly and each day they prevaricate, more synthetic drugs with more horrific effects hit the market.

The spin-off of decriminalising drugs would save the world billions in law enforcement and put more police on the street to fight real crime. It would also remove much of  the criminal elements from supplying drugs.


20 years too late

Decriminalise drug use, say experts after six-year study

Advisors say no serious rise in consumption is likely if possession of small amounts of controlled drugs is allowed

A review of the government’s appraoch to cannabis and other drugs is needed, says the independent body that analyses drug laws Photograph: PA

A six-year study of Britain’s drug laws by leading scientists, police officers, academics and experts has concluded it is time to introduce decriminalisation.

The report by the UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC), an independent advisory body, says possession of small amounts of controlled drugs should no longer be a criminal offence and concludes the move will not lead to a significant increase in use.

The experts say the criminal sanctions imposed on the 42,000 people sentenced each year for possession of all drugs – and the 160,000 given cannabis warnings – should be replaced with simple civil penalties such as a fine, attendance at a drug awareness session or a referral to a drug treatment programme.

They also say that imposing minimal or no sanctions on those growing cannabis for personal use could go some way to undermining the burgeoning illicit cannabis factories controlled by organised crime.

But their report rejects any more radical move to legalisation, saying that allowing the legal sale of drugs such as heroin or cocaine could cause more damage than the existing drugs trade.

The commission is chaired by Dame Ruth Runciman with a membership that includes the former head of the British Medical Research Council, Prof Colin Blakemore, and the former chief inspector of constabulary, David Blakey.

The report says their analysis of the evidence shows that existing drugs policies struggle to make an impact and, in some cases, may make the problem worse.

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Six years to make and 20 years too late. they came to the same conclusion that I did in 10 minutes 20 years ago.

I’m not a peer of the realm, I don’t have a fancy title and I certainly wasn’t paid as handsomely as the members of this ‘esteemed’ committee would have been.

Actually, my conclusions were far more reaching.

Drug addiction is a sickness, in the same way as alcoholism, not a crime; and therein lies the problem.

You can’t use a screwdriver to tighten a nut; and that’s what the fools have been trying to do since the 1960s. Treating a sickness as a crime, it’s as daft as saying homosexuals are criminals not the result of genetics.

Absolute proof that politicians haven’t any idea what they’re doing.

“The home secretary, Theresa May, last month ruled out any moves towards decriminalisation, saying it would lead to further problems.

She told MPs she considered cannabis a gateway drug: “People can die as a result of taking drugs, and significant mental health problems can arise as a result of taking drugs.”” – The Guardian

See what I mean, even the Home Secretary is an idiot, no idea that her mouth is opening and closing.

Drugs need to be decriminalised, ALL drugs; it’s the only way to bring the addicted to heel for treatment, to divide them from the recreational user, and to remove the criminal element from the chain of supply.

As a direct result of criminalisation there have been some horrific new drugs developed, drugs that really do KILL. Just last week I read of a case in New Zealand where yet another form of synthetic marijuana has surfaced, as yet it’s not illegal, it’s available beyond the reach of the law, and it is KILLING. These things are surfacing faster than the law can be changed. If marijuana was decriminalised these drugs would not be needed.

The war on drugs is not winnable. The authorities have as much chance of winning as flying to the moon on a unicorn. In fact the latter, is probably more possible.

The Future, the Ominus Future

“Greatest Love Of All”

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be…

Whitney Houston’s song makes me wonder, what sort of future are our kids, and their kids, etc going to have.

Children have changed, and changed not for the better. Parents, educators, governments, welfare have all abdicated their responsibilities, leaving the children to flounder, to wallow in self-pity.

As a race we have plundered and destroyed the planet in our greed and are now busy picking over the bones; no one is interested but a few, too few.

We are all too busy looking through or rose tinted spectacles to see reality.

We think of the world as being replete with technology and happy babies choosing their own nursery rhymes from an iPad.

But, I wonder is the future more likely to be this…

Squalid, surrounded by pollution and filth, children abandoned, left to fend for themselves as humanity sinks into the very chaos we say we are trying to avoid.

All the indicators point to this rather than the rosy picture above.

The world’s global economy is destroyed, it’s gone. What is left at the moment are the final spasms, the death rattle before it finally kicks the bucket.

Once the economy fails, society fall into shreds.

Wagons follow the train off the tracks

We have peoples who are hell bent on destroying other peoples in the name of power and religion. The politicians and religious leaders have gone off the rails; and like the wagons on a goods train, we the people are following them off the tracks.

The future will resemble nothing, absolutely nothing like anything we have previously known or had the capacity to even imagine.

No electricity, no gasoline, no education, no housing, no food. Men will fight for survival, they will kill their neighbours for food and drinkable water. Many will become nomadic, wandering hither and thither searching for a means survival.

We are well on the path of regression returning to our savage ways of Neanderthal ancestors, perhaps the regression will be even further towards extinction.

The Future, the Ominus Future…