Socially Transmitted Disease

Blogosphere Hit by Socially Transmitted Disease

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FOMO is a real disease that’s spreading across the social web.

It seems like kind of a stretch, but the more you think about it and see how technology is affecting people all around us, I think you’d have to agree that there may be a potential problem developing here.

You can’t build anything with a mindset like this…

It’s based on fear, and not a well thought out plan that keeps your life and business productive and moving forward.

Whenever you get sucked into any activity that takes you away from making daily progress on your goals, you’re going backwards.

Typically these distractions in life revolve around sex, drugs & rock n’ roll… now you can add social media to the life suck.

You can’t give your life over to habits and activities that hurt you. You’re smarter than that!

The thing is, like drugs, social media can be psychologically addicting and when you get hooked, you’re no longer in control.

It’s not serving your purposes any longer, but rather it’s becoming a interference that can make you completely unproductive and stuck.

I’m sorry, but anytime you have a mindset based on fear, it will lack the foundation required to build anything of substance… make sense?

It’s like a dog chasing his tail, a hamster running on wheel, a bad dream that won’t seem to end… it’s a long road to nowhere land.

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So called “Social Media” has become the greatest social evil, a  destroyer of peoples’ abilities to interact and communicate. It is creating an world of inept people afraid of the real world.

“I love my computer, all my friends are in there!”

Nothing has become more true.


Bust your boundaries

How many of us are limited, imprisoned and fettered by boundaries, real or imagined?


The Liberated Way


The green grass was greener on the other side of the river, but the cows were too afraid to cross.

Last Sunday I passed a field of cows separated from me by a shallow section of river in Colchester.  Enjoying the sun all these cows had been lying down, but seeing a passing human all began to stand and gather in my direction.  The devil in me entertained the idea if I could persuade the cows to cross the river into my field.  I talked to the cows, waving delicious grass towards them on my side of the river.  One cow did enter the river but then did not attempt to go further.

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How many of us are afraid to cross the river?