The Role of the Pope is Defunct

popeReally, I watch this pathetic old man trying to perform miracles, praying and blessing people, and to what avail?

Now he is calling for a political solution to the Syrian conflict. Absurd, the despot Ashar al-Bastard has already ruled that out as an option.

This imposter, whom people claim is God’s representative on Earth, is nothing more than a man suffering from delusions of  self grandeur having been voted for by cardinals who are similarly affected and have been institutionalised and isolated from the real world to the degree that they have no idea of what life is about.

He has stuck the people in an era that no longer applies, he impedes progress, he adds to the misery of millions, makes edicts about social issues all in the name of a god, that just as many people doubt exists.

I was reading the other day, that non-believers now out number believers, which means that the people are waking up after a couple of thousand years of being suppressed by religion.

The church it is claimed is the richest institution on Earth and pays no taxes and we sit back and wonder at the current economic crisis being faced by the world while the Pope and all his finery and bling sit back in luxury.

The only honorable thing he could do would be to dissolve the Papacy and let the world get on with life and if he’s too old to work go on a pension and see the reality of how real people live.

Evil Things

Charles M Schultz had the value of therapists about right

I ask, are therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists really necessary?

I mean, I know they are in certain types of institution; but I feel that that’s where they belong. Not let loose on society at large.

Basically in my day, one never heard of a psychologist, let alone have them in schools, etc.

Now they are a dime a dozen. How much good do they do? In my opinion, not much.

They seem to me to create problems, where in my day you got a clip around the ear and told to deal with it. Now you are a victim, with the associated lowering of ones self esteem.

If you look at it bluntly, the role of a psychologist is to make you dependent and thereby a source of income; it has nothing to do with making you ‘better.’ They prescribe antidepressant drugs that can make you suicidal or turn you into a murderous beast. The difference between murder and suicide is merely, who is the target.

Really, the world would be a better place if all these specialists crawled back into their holes.