Adults just complicate things


Oh, that we could retain our wisdom…


To be old to be wise…

We often consider that one must be old to be wise, but is that always true?

I read yesterday on a post about wisdom, and how you get it. The post is on The Liberated Way, well worth reading.


Sagging pants are a disgrace, the lower the sag, the lower the IQ

But one of the video links from the post fired of another spark, enough to cause me to go off at a tangent.

We often look at today’s youth in despair, their low slung jeans showing off their underwear, their liking for mindless rhythm instead of music, their falling grades and consequent failure…

But then you see a flicker, a small flicker of hope. Like this nine year old.

While wisdom is gained by doing, as pointed out in the above post. This kid hasn’t done it yet, but he has a need to.

Yes, there are flickers of hope in this world.

New Feature coming up – Philosoraptor

Most of you will have seen Philosoraptor around the net, if you haven’t WTF have you been?

Hopefully, I will remember this, and each Friday will post pearls of his wisdom for your entertainment and edification.

They may be funny, they may be serious, they maybe antipolitical, they will definitely be something that makes us think.

Nothing is sacred, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

So come and join us on Fridays for that unique philosophical outlook that only Philosoraptor can impart.