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This makes me so angry!

China probes foreign baby milk firms for price fixing

China has faced a series of milk-related scandals over the years

China’s top economic planning body has launched a probe into alleged price fixing by some foreign manufacturers of infant milk formula.

The National Development and Reform Commission said it was investigating several foreign firms for possible anti-trust violations.

The foreign manufacturers say they will co-operate with the probe.

Foreign brands are popular because tainted milk scandals in China have created a distrust of local rivals.

Foreign brands now account for about half of all infant milk sales in China, reports say.

Parents who can afford it purchase foreign brands, which cost more than their Chinese counterparts, reports the BBC’s Celia Hatton from Beijing.

The companies involved – which include Nestle SA, Danone, Mead Johnson Nutrition and Abbott Laboratories – have announced plans to co-operate with the investigation.

‘Poisonous powder’

China has faced a series of milk-related scandals over the years.

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It’s not the price fixing that makes me angry, quite frankly I don’t give a shit about the price! It’s not just China, it’s the whole world.

What makes me angry is the ‘why?’

Why do we need infant formula at all?

Nature endowed women with two perfectly good, and I might add cute, breasts to feed infants.

They are not decorations for bikinis, they are not meant to advertise cars, nor are they are not meant for the religious right to demand that they be hidden from sight because they are disgusting.

Breasts are to feed infants!

We don’t need infant formula!

Unless, of course there are medical reasons.

Infant formula, on the scale used throughout the world to day has one function… No, it’s not to feed babies! It’s to make corporations richer! It has nothing to do with babies’ health.

The world needs to get rid of infant formula. Infant formula should only be available on medical prescription.

If a baby doesn’t need infant formula for medical reasons, then it should be on the breast; not for three months, not for six, but up to two years and beyond.

Weaning a baby off the breast should be one of the lowest priorities in baby/motherhood. Breasts are there because baby needs them. They are not their just for man’s amusement.

Excuses like, “Oh, I need to work, I can’t breastfeed,” or “Breastfeeding will ruin my breasts,” are bullshit! If work takes priority over your baby, then maybe you shouldn’t be a mother! If you’re that vain that how your breasts look is more important than your baby, then maybe you shouldn’t be a mother!

The world is in a sad and sorry state, formula feeding mothers are making it sadder and sorrier.

We cry that mothers need to work because one salary isn’t enough to live on. Damn it, if you didn’t have to buy infant formula and disposable diapers (another issue) then maybe it might be enough to live on!

The religious right have made mother’s ashamed to breastfeed in public, in the park, on the bus, in a restaurant. More bullshit! There is nothing more natural than breastfeeding an infant in these places, our whole view of this perfectly natural function has become so screwed up and warped, that real mothers are ashamed to be real mothers!

Governments and health authorities need to change their attitude and not pander to the profit making bastard corporations and the religious fanatics. They need to educate women to change the paradigm, they need to extol the virtues of breastfeeding and wean mothers off infant formula.

If you have a baby under two who is using infant formula, get it back on the breast until it is ready to wean itself; your baby will thank you.

There is no substitute for a mother’s breast, neither healthwise nor emotionally.