Sombre Thinking

This is a quote from: Parenting and Stuff in a post The scary world of 12 years old

“I was a 12 years old once (long ago, I admit). I don’t recall that my world was full of suicidal attempts and of girls cutting issues. How did it become so frightening and so violent for children?”

Likewise, I don’t remember all this crap either.

While about one of nine youths attempt suicide by the time they graduate from high school, new findings reveal that a significant proportion make their first suicide attempt in elementary or middle school. Source: Futurity

The first I heard of this type of thing was when a boy across the road tried to hang himself when he was seven to escape his mother. The second incident was a friend of my sister’s son, aged eight, tried the same a few months later.

Both those incidents were in the late 80s.

But certainly in my childhood mid 50s to mid 70s, we never heard about things like this.

It makes me seriously question today’s society and values.

Today we put too much emphasis on various aspects of life, be it fashion, peer pressure, abuse in all it’s forms, bullying, failure in sports, etc, and in doing this we create victims. Not that they weren’t victims before, but in raising the ‘I-am-a-victim’ issue we create a sense of worthlessness, an awareness that devalues life.

Instead, we need to change the paradigm. “Okay, it happened, let’s move on with life.”

When I was a kid and fell off my bike (many times) I simply wiped the blood off my knee and the tears from my eyes and got back on. Today, kids are mollycoddled, “Oh you poor dear,” hugs, disinfectant and bandages or a trip to hospital, lunch at McDonald’s after, TV lying on the sofa served like a king, pamper, pamper, pamper.

Or in the case of abuse, off to the psychologist, months of therapy and anti-depressant pills making another victim more of a victim with even less self-worth.

We didn’t have McDonald’s or psychologists, or pills,  we had a life.