Creating our own traditions

Simple living...with kids

Our modern lives often feel disconnected from the past.

Often our families immigrated or moved from their original homes. Or maybe, like me, you’re a third culture kid, raised in several cultures and countries, and not really belonging to any of them. And sometimes as adults we have chosen to move away from where we grew up, for jobs or partners or other reasons.

As a result, we often feel that we don’t have any traditions. So businesses have stepped in, ready to make wealth from our insecurity and loss.

Corporate traditions: rich on dollars, low on meaning

Corporate traditions:

  • They tell us we need to shop and give expensive gifts for Christmas.
  • They tell us we’re “cheap” if we handmake a gift for someone we love, spending hours and giving our time and effort.
  • They promote the idea that Santa gives gifts, the Easter Bunny brings chocolate eggs…

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