Satireday on Genes



4 thoughts on “Satireday on Genes

  1. swo8 says:

    Poor man.

    • >Leslie, he may be, but he echos the thoughts of most men.


      • swo8 says:

        Do you really think most men are that way? What have we done to our sons to make this happen?

      • There is a chasm between men and women. Steven Hawkins, one of the greatest minds alive, recently said that women scare him. If this is the thought of a great mind, what chance have we mere mortals to bridge the gap.

        A further thought of my own is that marriage is the problem. As in many species, man was meant to sire and woman raise the offsping; we upset nature’s balance by insisting that the man hang around (marriage).

        We have created the problem and are trying to solve it with the same thinking; can’t be done.

        The paradigm needs to change.


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