Christians do NOT have a Monopoly

Before you start saying who can marry who, remember this!


Marriage was around before Christianity, it’s not the church’s role to define it! Nor the courts for that matter.

For all those devout Christians who celebrate marriage, Christmas and Easter remember this, they were all Pagan rights before the church stole them and disguised them to attract Pagans and convert them.

If you celebrate any of these, you are a heathen before your own God!




3 thoughts on “Christians do NOT have a Monopoly

  1. I am a married Christian who celebrates Christmas and Easter (and for the record, I am pro-marriage equality). I know the roots of both holidays, but my family chooses to use those holidays as days of remembrance, teaching our children, and celebration. We are not celebrating Pagan holidays. I wish you a happy Winter and whatever holidays you celebrate during the season, if any.

    • >longstory, so many Christians use marriage as defined in the Bible to deny pro-marriage equality, it’s pleasing to see that you are not among them. I don’t celebrate Christmas, nor Easter, not even at a Pagan level. It’s actually summer here, and very very hot, but I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, appreciated.


      • The funny/sad thing is, marriage is defined in lots of different ways in the Bible. There were many men of God who had multiple wives, wives and concubines, were married to their cousins, etc. A lot of the Biblical reasons given against gay marriage are taken out of context and exploited. In that case, merry Summer to you!

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