Losing the Plot

It’s not often I agree with these purveyors of false prophets, but given the religious diatripe, this guy has got it nailed.

Society is losing the plot, says Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks was granted a life peerage four years ago

Society is “losing the plot” as it becomes more secular and less trusting, the UK’s outgoing Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks has said.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme, Lord Jonathan Sacks said the growth of individualism over the past 50 years was responsible for a pervasive breakdown in trust.

“When trust breaks down, you see institutions break down,” he continued.

He will be succeeded by Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, an ex-chief rabbi of Ireland.

Lord Sacks, 65, who is to step down next month after 22 years in office, highlighted the 2008 financial crisis and the declining marriage rate.

He said: “I think we’re losing the plot actually. I think we haven’t really noticed what’s happened in Britain.”

He added: “If people work for the maximum possible benefit for themselves then we will not have trust in industry, in economics, in financial institutions, we will not see marriages last.”

He also said institutions, including marriage, broke down “when you begin to lose faith and society becomes very, very secularised”.

‘Stable association ‘

“It’s not the fault of one government or another, and it’s not even the fault of government,” he added.

“It’s the fault of what we call culture, which is society talking to itself.”

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The photo and religious affiliations are included to keep to the article format. They bear no relation to my point of interest.

But the guy has got it right.

Humanity, in general, has lost the plot.

We have become too egotistical, self-centred and greedy. That’s the way our culture has grown.

To my mind, it has absolutely nothing to do as to whether we are religious, or show off by going to church, it has simply become our nature. The dollar (pound, whatever) has become all important to the detriment of ALL ELSE!

Until we fix that, the plot will always elude us.

This situation is being exploited by the likes of this rabbi to say the church is right. WRONG, the church/es is/are as much to blame as anything, so don’t let fancy sermons delude you.


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