Life is Constipated

Our lives are constipated until death do we depart

Our lives are constipated until death do we depart

We have evolved to such a state where our laws literally bind life up.

We have laws for this and laws for that, when in many cases we don’t need the law at all if only commonsense were to prevail.

I read this morning of a case on BBC News where a mentally handicapped man had a judge’s approval to be sterilised approved. Why? The man had a mentally handicapped girlfriend who became pregnant. The sterilisation wasn’t for any nefarious reason, ie the chance of having mentally handicapped children. The sterilisation was approved because neither the man nor his girlfriend had the capacity to raise a child, the man had no concept of contraception and in fact the pregnancy and the birth caused them both great anguish.

This is the first time this new law has been tested in the UK. A previous time, in 1999, a man was refused sterilisation (I assume because of case similarities) because there was no law.

There doesn’t, didn’t need to be a law.

Common-LawWasn’t this what Common Law was all about? No law, so a judge used his/her commonsense to make a decision, which in turn became the basis for future legal decisions.

Our lives are constipated, they are bound up in red rape, bullshit and tripe. Legal intrusions into our lives are psychologically costly. Haven’t we already got enough stress in our lives because of global failings in infrastructure, warming, finances, wars, etc? Why complicate life further?

If one takes a good look at the laws on the books, I would hazard a guess that a good many are absolutely unnecessary, if only one applied commonsense.

Are we as humans no longer capable of this?

Have we devolved so far that we need to have decisions made for us?



Yes, the law is full of crap…



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