Don’t Fear the Flow

A reblog via Don’t Fear the Flow.

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WARNING: The subject of this post is female menstruation.  Should you be a person of either gender that gets squeamish over such words as period, blood, uterus, menstrual cycle, etc., may I suggest one or more of the following:

-Don’t read this post.

-Take an online course in female biology.

-Consider “switching teams”… you know what I mean.

-Toughen up.

-Grow up.

-Don’t read this post.

Ok, now… have the weak among us left the room?  Good.  Let’s move on.

Many of us women have been raised to feel shame about our bodies in various ways.  We are either too heavy, too thin, our boobs are too small, our butts are too big, our hair is always the wrong color, we aren’t pretty enough, and we don’t tan well.  We hear things like “thunder thighs”, “double bagger”, “well, she has a pretty face”.  We constantly compare ourselves and are compared to Hollywood and Sports Illustrated’s version of acceptable beauty… beauty that tends to be the result of thoroughbred racehorse genetics and a gifted plastic surgeon.

A lot of those things are out of our control, right ladies?  For example, no amount of spin classes and hot yoga will undo the breeding hips I inherited from my grandmother, and dying my hair from naturally brunette to platinum blonde only scared the living hell out of my kid (momma is still sorry, baby).  And while I’m certain we would all love to be the perfect 34D, well, life just don’t work like that.  How many of you men are sporting a nice 8.5 inches of ideal girth that’s not bent, goofy looking, or unreliable, I wonder?  Let’s see a show of hands…


Most of these “hot or not” assessments are done by balding, middle aged men with face-melting halitosis, driving old Chevy Malibus, and packing a paunch that would rival what my belly looked like at about the 7 month mark, I might add.  Mmmmmmmm…. so sexy.  No wonder his standards are so high!

But what really gets me…what really chaps the big ass that matches my breeding hips?

Menstruation shame.

Say it with me, people: PERIOD, PERIOD, PERIOD.  See?  You didn’t vaporize after all.

You’ll have to go to the source to read the rest.


Do not drink coffee at any time reading this post!


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