This makes me so angry!

China probes foreign baby milk firms for price fixing

China has faced a series of milk-related scandals over the years

China’s top economic planning body has launched a probe into alleged price fixing by some foreign manufacturers of infant milk formula.

The National Development and Reform Commission said it was investigating several foreign firms for possible anti-trust violations.

The foreign manufacturers say they will co-operate with the probe.

Foreign brands are popular because tainted milk scandals in China have created a distrust of local rivals.

Foreign brands now account for about half of all infant milk sales in China, reports say.

Parents who can afford it purchase foreign brands, which cost more than their Chinese counterparts, reports the BBC’s Celia Hatton from Beijing.

The companies involved – which include Nestle SA, Danone, Mead Johnson Nutrition and Abbott Laboratories – have announced plans to co-operate with the investigation.

‘Poisonous powder’

China has faced a series of milk-related scandals over the years.

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It’s not the price fixing that makes me angry, quite frankly I don’t give a shit about the price! It’s not just China, it’s the whole world.

What makes me angry is the ‘why?’

Why do we need infant formula at all?

Nature endowed women with two perfectly good, and I might add cute, breasts to feed infants.

They are not decorations for bikinis, they are not meant to advertise cars, nor are they are not meant for the religious right to demand that they be hidden from sight because they are disgusting.

Breasts are to feed infants!

We don’t need infant formula!

Unless, of course there are medical reasons.

Infant formula, on the scale used throughout the world to day has one function… No, it’s not to feed babies! It’s to make corporations richer! It has nothing to do with babies’ health.

The world needs to get rid of infant formula. Infant formula should only be available on medical prescription.

If a baby doesn’t need infant formula for medical reasons, then it should be on the breast; not for three months, not for six, but up to two years and beyond.

Weaning a baby off the breast should be one of the lowest priorities in baby/motherhood. Breasts are there because baby needs them. They are not their just for man’s amusement.

Excuses like, “Oh, I need to work, I can’t breastfeed,” or “Breastfeeding will ruin my breasts,” are bullshit! If work takes priority over your baby, then maybe you shouldn’t be a mother! If you’re that vain that how your breasts look is more important than your baby, then maybe you shouldn’t be a mother!

The world is in a sad and sorry state, formula feeding mothers are making it sadder and sorrier.

We cry that mothers need to work because one salary isn’t enough to live on. Damn it, if you didn’t have to buy infant formula and disposable diapers (another issue) then maybe it might be enough to live on!

The religious right have made mother’s ashamed to breastfeed in public, in the park, on the bus, in a restaurant. More bullshit! There is nothing more natural than breastfeeding an infant in these places, our whole view of this perfectly natural function has become so screwed up and warped, that real mothers are ashamed to be real mothers!

Governments and health authorities need to change their attitude and not pander to the profit making bastard corporations and the religious fanatics. They need to educate women to change the paradigm, they need to extol the virtues of breastfeeding and wean mothers off infant formula.

If you have a baby under two who is using infant formula, get it back on the breast until it is ready to wean itself; your baby will thank you.

There is no substitute for a mother’s breast, neither healthwise nor emotionally.


10 thoughts on “This makes me so angry!

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Well said!

  2. well, since I know reality of China and HK I know that actually work is quite important because many people cannot afford their own flat that means you need to rent it and since that places are so overpopulated prices are crazy – my friend after studies in America got offered 8000 HKD at the beggining salary – flat that my mother in law rents is from 80’s located in Tuen Mun and she can easily find people who pay her 9000… so imagine one person trying to take care of 3 people. it’s in Chinese culture for eldery to take care of grandchildren if both of parents are in need to work. But on the other hand people who can afford buying so much milk powder – and when I say much it was few people in family having a huge luggages filled only with milk powder before HK put limitation to 2 cans/person – can afford wife not to work. I can understand the working reason but I hate taking adventage of HK/Taiwanese people, going abroad and keep on doing the same thing, in EU they started to forbid to sell milk powder to Chinese. If woman cannot produce her own milk – it’s OK, but people see good business in this. ehh

    • >myhongkonghusband, appreciate a view from ground zero. I wasn’t specifically aiming at the Chinese or Hong Kong, I was attacking the whole of humanity, it was the Chinese article that ruffled my dander, that was the spark of my ire. But what you say is important, and proof that something is wrong with any society where a mother can’t breastfeed a child.

      I did make an exception for medical conditions in the post. Some women can’t produce milk, or enough milk, then my solution is simple, a medical prescription.

      I have read several articles about the smuggling of milk powder from HK to the Chinese mainland.

      Thanks for commenting, appreciated.


      • I mentioned Chinese because problem is mostly about Mainland China, I’m upset that people use mother’s and their concern about their child’s health and try to make a business of it and also, sorry for using that word, screwing mothers in other places. They make some promotions of breastfeeding in China now, but it won’t change much until there are greedy awful people willing to use current situation.

      • Fully agree, it is the corporations that demand mother’s use infant formula, it isn’t until these bastard corporation are brought down that anything will change for the better.


  3. I always love when people have a specific stand point on something. It clearly just means they were totally successful with what they were trying to accomplish… good for you.

    I wasn’t successful with nursing, and it made me ten times more depressed trying to figure out how to pump when my daughter wasn’t “attached.”

    I went back to work after 6 weeks, and I suffered from post partum so bad, looking back, I probably should have seeked more help than what I did.

    So yes, I’m glad that you were so successful with nursing, and I hope in the future, you are just as successful. I agree, it truly is the best thing for your baby.

    But, please open up your eyes and accept that some people cannot breastfeed.. and it’s not necessarily for medical reasons. In this day and age, being a stay at home mother isn’t an option for some of us, and nursing in public isn’t the easiest thing to do either.

    Motherhood is hard enough. We need to stop passing judgment and pat each other on the back for just getting through some of it.

    • >kerussell, I must point out that I am male. I consider my experience of helping to raise 12 kids, as reasonably substantial, enough to back up my views.

      My eyes are open. I did make allowances for medical conditions. While I don’t understand depression in any form, post natal or otherwise, as I have never suffered from depression, nor seen anyone suffer same. My first wife also had to pump for our last child, she also pumped to help a neighbour.

      Nursing in public is easy, you just flop out a breast and do it. If there are people around you that are offended, that is their problem, not the mother’s. If you are so ashamed of your own body, then I am sorry, your shame is not the fault of your baby, Sorry to be so harsh there, but I do not see breastfeeding as a shameful act.

      As for passing judgement, I am not judging the or any individual, but society as a whole, the whole paradigm is wrong.

      As for motherhood being hard, society makes it hard, not the baby.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, appreciated.


  4. “You just flop out a breast and do it.” Not exactly. Nursing is EXTREMELY difficult. Not so much after you get the hang of it, but nursing in a fast pace environment, can be quite the juggle. Not to mention if you have other children running around. But, by the way you just stated it, yes, it’s obvious you are a guy! Which makes it even more ironic. I did successfully nurse in public, but I personally couldn’t stand it, and I can tell you it had nothing to do with embarrassment. And I can assure you, I am certainly not ashamed of my body!

    My CHILD was difficult, and still is! She is now 13 months old, and is an absolute hand full. Society doesn’t help, but motherhood is difficult on our bodies, minds, etc. I couldn’t care less about society and what they have to say.

    All I’m saying is that we can go round and round, but you’ve never done it yourself anyway. I just want people to stop judging others. You should be proud of your wife, for 1. i can’t imagine raising 12 kids, or bearing 12 kids and 2. I would hope that if your wife just simply couldn’t breast feed (for whatever the reason) you would support her choice.

    It’s easy for others to do certain things.. I do the very best with my daughter. I’ve made every bit of her food, but I don’t go pointing my fingers at the mothers who opted for the Gerber glass jars of food. It’s simply not my business.

    • Firstly, I would add that I didn’t have 12 kids with one wife; I am not a cruel man. My eldest is 39 and my youngest is 6, over three relationships. True, I have never done it, although I have seen the satisfaction it brings one who can. If I had a partner who couldn’t for any reason, why of course I would support it. I certainly don’t condemn you for having apparent problems, rather commend you for overcoming them. I agree society attitudes definitely make motherhood harder.

      I wish you and your daughter luck and best wishes for the future.


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