It’s a Puzzle

Homosexual-MarriageGay marriage, it’s a puzzle, Should gays get married? I think not. Marriage is an outdated custom and it should be relegated into the history books.

Even some straight people choose not to get married, they live in a partnership or de facto marriage, so why are gays busting a gut to get married?

Love is not dependent on marriage.

The whole issue is about equality and rights, not marriage. It is the law that determines marriage is essential for certain civil rights like pensions and health plans.

The laws should be changed so that these rights are on the same footing as straight de facto relationships then many gays will not need marriage. The paranoid religious right would then not even feel threatened, they can continue with their bigotry just as they always have.

In fact, many gays already are against marriage…

The gay people against gay marriage

After France’s first same-sex marriage, and a vote in the UK Parliament which puts England and Wales on course for gay weddings next summer, two US Supreme Court rulings expected soon could hasten the advance of same-sex marriage across the Atlantic. But some gay people remain opposed. Why?

“It’s demonstrably not the same as heterosexual marriage – the religious and social significance of a gay wedding ceremony simply isn’t the same.”

Jonathan Soroff lives in liberal Massachusetts with his male partner, Sam. He doesn’t fit the common stereotype of an opponent of gay marriage.

But like half of his friends, he does not believe that couples of the same gender should marry.

“We’re not going to procreate as a couple and while the desire to demonstrate commitment might be laudable, the religious traditions that have accommodated same-sex couples have had to do some fairly major contortions,” says Soroff.

Until the federal government recognises and codifies the same rights for same-sex couples as straight ones, equality is the goal so why get hung up on a word, he asks.

“I’m not going to walk down the aisle to Mendelssohn wearing white in a church and throw a bouquet and do the first dance,” adds Soroff, columnist for the Improper Boston.

“I’ve been to some lovely gay weddings but aping the traditional heterosexual wedding is weird and I don’t understand why anyone wants to do that.

“I’m not saying that people who want that shouldn’t have it but for me, all that matters is the legal stuff.”

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Neither the church, the government nor companies have any right to meddle in anyone’s relationships or sex life, whether they are straight or gay relationships, polygamy, etc or not.

Come on, as all humans, we are consenting adults, we can responsibly consent to what we want in the bedroom, what we see as best for us. We do not need antiquated laws from another time to dictate to us.

My opinion, is simply let people get on with their lives on an equal footing, what ever they choose.

The whole legal question needs a revamp. I have rights in society, at work and within the law, why can’t my neighbour have those same rights? Is he less human than me? If you answer ‘yes’ to that question, then maybe your rights should be legally truncated.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Puzzle

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I agree that marriage is an outdated process. I agree with you that it is nobodies business what two individuals wish to do in their personal lives with each other.

  2. >Alex, it’s a pity we can’t get that message across.


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