On Teenage Driving…



6 thoughts on “On Teenage Driving…

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Since I am the Stig obviously the top photo can’t be you. (Please don’t tell anyone else or both my mega-contract and days of driving in a completely gobsmacking way will be over). Imagine driving with Julie Walters as a passenger – that would be truly life changing and I’m sure your hair could turn spontaneously red as a result.

    • >Chas, not sure who Julie Walters is, but I understand from your tone that it’s bad.


      • Chas Spain says:

        Julie Walters is the actress who played Ron’s mum in Harry Potter. She is very funny but I think if she was teaching you how to drive it would be hysterical. If you can track down an episode of the Dinner Ladies where she plays the main character (Bren’s) dysfunctional mother you will laugh, cry and cringe in equal measure.

      • I watched some of those Dinner Ladies last night from series one, love that style of humour.

        Thanks for putting me on to it, I had never heard of them before.


  2. Alex Jones says:

    Reality sucks some times.

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