I want to be Happy!


I have seen this saying before, and even posted it here. But, I did not know that it was a John Lennon quote from experience.

We need more kids who think outside the box.


7 thoughts on “I want to be Happy!

  1. I never liked Beatles, never liked Lennon, but he’s so right here, I’ll reblog shortly if you don’t mind, and I know you don’t:-)

    • >Rom, I grew up with the Beatles, but I didn’t like their later years. I think this is a fascinating saying and also explains his song Imagine.

      Of course, I don’t mind reblogs.


  2. I also grew up stuffed with them… but still… could never truly swallow them…
    Same with Rolling Stones, the most idiotic, untalented noise makers…
    Oasis would have had all it takes to become great, except no brains:-)
    They were the best of British lyric rock…

  3. Reblogged this on Liberty of Thinking and commented:
    Me, too…

  4. makagutu says:

    Is being happy the whole journey or the destination?

    • >magakutu, good question. I guess if one achieves a level of happiness during ones life, then one should consider it a success. The destination is the same for all of us, whether we are happy or not.


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