Man does not have Dominion over all the Animals

It is refutable that man is the most intelligent animal on the planet.

Man has dominion over all the animals

In the Bible it says that man shall have dominion over all the animals, or at least something similar; I’m not checking the exact words.

Man has this idea that he’s the boss. It’s ridiculous, we are subject to the whims of nature as much as any animal on the planet.

We have tamed cats and dogs, or at least cats have tamed us to do their bidding. My cat has certainly tamed me. We have domesticated horses and cattle, etc; but there are still inherit dangers, try standing on a cat’s tail, the cat will instantly stop being your loving pet and become a whirling dervish of claws and teeth and if you are barefoot, you will suffer the consequences.

Throughout history man has been fascinated by wild animals, big cats probably the most popular; and how many circus trainers have been mauled as a result.

I saw this photo on the BBC News site today.

Chantal Beyer posed with her husband Sven Fouche beside the rhinos moments before one of them attacked her (Photo courtesy of Beeld/Media-24)

A lovely photo, a prize to take home and show the relatives. But at what cost?

The woman is now in hospital in a serious but stable condition after being gored by one of the beasts.

It will probably never be known what prompted the Rhino to attack, but guaranteed there was some primeval reason behind it, after all the Rhino is a wild beast.

Not even cows are safe; you try getting a belligerent cow into the bails for milking, you’ll find out.

Why is it that man seems to think like this and show no respect for nature?

Sure it is sad that the woman was injured so badly, but whose fault was it?

Certainly not the Rhino’s, there he was doing normal Rhino-type things when this two-legged creature with strange fur invades his territory; what’s he to do?

Defend himself, much like the cat.


2 thoughts on “Man does not have Dominion over all the Animals

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Take animals for granted at human peril.

  2. >Alex, I think it is a sign of the times. We see these animals in zoos and on TV and we become inured to their danger, desensitised to the risks involved.


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