WTF is a Vajazzle

I read a news item this morning and I had to Google ‘vajazzle’.

Vajazzle is bedazzling ones vagina with bling.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. How freakin’ stupid.


Apparently DIY vajazzling has become the leading cause of women going to hospitals for vaginal problems.

The leading cause for men is a cricket ball; but that’s explainable.

Vajazzling is NOT! It’s the epitome of stupid!

Piercings and Brazilian waxes gone wrong follow quickly.

The world is becoming crazier by the day…


4 thoughts on “WTF is a Vajazzle

  1. Ryan says:

    My friends say I’m crazy when I tell them that one day housecats will rule the world; all I have to do it point out articles such as you just mentioned and they don’t think I’m so nuts any more… Time to go give the cats some Fancy Feast. Gotta keep the future overlords happy…

    • >Ryan, don’t worry, I spend a good amount of time on my Over Lord. When he decides to grace the house with his presence again, he’ll be at the bar right now, I have fresh beef in the fridge ready… 🙂


  2. Alex Jones says:

    The lengths people go to in the quest for beauty.

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