Change the Paradigm

Terrorists this, terrorists that…

We are spending billions trying to eradicate terrorism and in the meantime killing thousands of innocents.

What would happen if we changed the paradigm?

What would happen if we eradicated the cause of terrorism, rather than the terrorists. Without the cause, there would be no terrorists.

Now that’s radical thinking.

What’s one of the major causes of terrorism? America meddling in international affairs, particularly the Middle East. They have been since 1948 when they (and Great Britain) supported the creation of Israel, displacing thousands of Palestinians.

If America stopped meddling, then terrorism would diminish.

Are we looking at the wrong end of the stick?



2 thoughts on “Change the Paradigm

  1. Alex Jones says:

    If only things were that simple.

    What is to one person a terrorist to another is a freedom fighter.

    Where there is greed, egotism and extremism will be terrorism.

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