An Abomination! A Sexless Future!

Yes, and if I believed in God, in the sight of the Lord, no less.

First a Japanese team have discovered they can make human eggs from stem cells, now the race is on to make sperm cells the same way!

They want to produce humans without sex.

Bugger that!

I like the sex part, it’s the real fun part of having kids! It’s the next 18 years that are the hard part. The idea of having kids with no fun is just…. well, no fun.

US scientists aim to make human sperm from stem cells

A breakthrough in lab creation of mature human eggs would raise many ethical questions

US researchers say they will redouble their efforts to create human sperm from stem cells following the success of a Japanese study involving mice.

A Kyoto University team used mice stem cells to create eggs, which were fertilised to produce baby mice.

Dr Renee Pera, of Stanford University in California, aims to create human sperm to use for reproduction within two years, and eggs within five years.

Infertility affects up to 15% of reproductive-aged couples worldwide.

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I don’t care if you can do it, the point is don’t!

Imagine the world population if we didn’t have infertility. For heaven’s sake (just a figure of speech) we need a higher rate of infertility!

We need it to combat the inevitable, wiping out the species (that’s us people), through over-population, we’re already on the right path.

Conversely, a lot of infertility can be cured easily. Stop wearing (tight) clothing. Man’s scrotal mechanism is perfectly designed by Mother Nature to produce sperm. Mother Nature designed that before we had Levi and his denim jeans and the like.

The production of sperm is temperature dependent, which is why a man’s balls hang low on hot days and ride high on cold days. Ladies may not be aware of that fact, or may be too embarrassed to have noticed; probably the latter.

So we wear clothing that makes the testicles ride high all the time, thereby defeating Mother Nature’s beautifully designed temperature regulator and ensuring one’s testicles are the wrong temperature to produce sperm. Don’t believe me? Check out your dog when you walk him on hot days and cold days and notice the difference, use your powers of observation.

Get it? Get the idea? We don’t need laboratory eggs and sperm, we need to get back to nature.

We have to stop playing God!

Just because you can…


Just imagine a future where sexual reproduction is banned, in fact all sex is banned, all because some fool discovered that he could.

These scientists are not intelligent people, they’re freakin’ stupid!

Intelligence is not knowing ‘how,’ it’s knowing the ‘why.’





3 thoughts on “An Abomination! A Sexless Future!

  1. Ryan says:

    Your article actually made me think of a movie- Demolition Man, with Sly and Wes Snipes. Stop laughing- we’ve all seen it, though many deny it.
    The point I’m making was when Huxley was explain how the world had changed: everything that’s not good for you is bad, and thus, illegal. Chocolate, booze, salt, fat, sugar, etc etc. It was the ideal of a well-intentioned idea that was taken WAAYYYY too far.
    I’m starting to think that the dystopian futures of all the novels I’ve read aren’t really that far off from potentially happening. You can check out this article below, a single example among many of a school lunch policy that’s gone too far. Short version- not only is the menu restricted, but calorie count is mandated based on age.

    At what point is personal responsibility supplanted by somebody who’s seemingly been deemed capable of making our decisions for us? There’s your example about sexless fertilization. Why not mandate that sex is illegal? It’s messy, awkward, results in funny noises and dry cleaning bills, STDs, and the cast of Jersey Shore. Why not require all pregnancies be conducted via a lab and insemination? That’s where the Demolition Man reference comes in, where she explains that fluids are sterilized, verified, and essentially deemed acceptable before the egg is fertilized and implanted.
    Why stop there, then? Regulate our diets, tell us what we can watch on TV, what kind of car we can drive, how many kids we can have, put mood stabilizers in our water, etc. All have seen time in our popular fiction, and let’s be honest, can you really tell me you can’t see somebody trying to enforce some of these in the near future?
    I firmly believe it’s my choice how I lead my life. We’re a healthy family, we value education and try to set a good example. But if I wanted to smoke and not work out, that’s my right, isn’t it? If I wanted to eat a large fry and Big Mac every day for lunch, I should be able to. I’d have to deal with the consequences then, because it’s not McDonalds’ fault that they are selling the food; its my fault if I can’t control myself and I eat there all the time.
    Time to take back some personal responsibility in this country. Stop suing over everything, expecting others to raise your kids, and take charge of your life.
    Because if you don’t, the government just might tell you you’re going to be implanted with twin boys when you go for your fertilization, and there’s nothing you’ll be able to do about it.

    • >Ryan, sorry about the delay, been out of sorts lately and got behind in somethings like blogging.

      It’s all about the fine line of a Nanny State, when is it, when isn’t it?

      But the control of some of these big corporations has become an issue; and we can no longer manifest, or don’t want to manifest the responsibility.

      The whole idea of the control of fertilisation by the ‘powers that be’, is just abhorrent.


  2. […] saw an article on another blogger’s site here about stem cells and sexless fertilization, and it made me think of a movie- Demolition Man, with […]

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