You’re in the Wrong Job

I just read about four people who are taking their dismissal claims to the European Court of Human Rights.

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I’m not going to repost it.

Two were dismissed for wearing a necklace with a cross on it. Now for me, I have no problems if a person wears a cross, unless it physically impedes ones job, like in a factory with machinery; but neither of these two cases were like that.

However, if the job regulations state that a cross may not be worn and the people took the job knowing this regulation, then tough, no cross; you are in the wrong job. You broke the rule, you got sacked.

As I said, personally, if you wear an appropriately simple cross that’s up to you. I am not religious, but I don’t let that offend me. Anybody who allows themselves to be offended, is in the same boat.

The other two cases are quite different, and I have absolutely no sympathy for either.

First case is a counselor who refused to counsel gay couples because of his religious beliefs.  Sorry, but if your religious beliefs are so petty and narrow-minded, then you’re not fit to be a counselor, finish. You got the sack, and rightly so.

Second case, wasn’t sacked, but disciplined for refusing to conduct same-sex civil ceremonies for religious reasons. Once again, sorry, you are simply in the wrong job; don’t like it, leave.

If people aren’t able to perform the full scope of their job because of religious beliefs, then get a job that is commensurate with them. Don’t go impinging your values on society. Don’t go crying to the European Court in the hope of gaining some healthy pecuniary advantage.

Rights are one thing, abusing those rights is another.

These last two cases are particularly sad, the people refused to respect gay couples, but are clamouring for that same respect from the European Court, talk about double standards.

There is far too much of this going on and authorities should stamp it out, not encourage it.

To me it is clear. If your religious beliefs stop you from performing all the functions that your job requires, then you get the sack, it’s simple.

It shows that they are fools if they sought jobs knowing that they would have to deal with such situations.


2 thoughts on “You’re in the Wrong Job

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I can say that anyone who decides to push their religion or show crosses in my employment won’t be employed very long.

  2. >Alex, for me a tasteful cross is just another ornament, I don’t see that as ‘pushing’ one’s religion. However, if they tried verbally ‘pushing’ it or carrying a bible around, they’d be out on their ear.


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