Earn your Bigots Proficiency Badge

Boy Scouts of America keeps gay ban

The Boy Scouts of America’s policy stands in contrast to the Girl Scouts of the USA and Camp Fire

The Boy Scouts of America will not change its policy of excluding gay scouts and scout leaders, following a secret two-year review, the group says.

The current policy allows families to address sexuality in private and no further action will be taken, it added.

Eleven volunteers and leaders, with a range of “perspectives and opinions”, were chosen to undertake the study.

Critics, including some board members, say they support internal change and gay members should be allowed to join.

Jim Turley, chairman and chief executive of consulting firm Ernst and Young, and Randall Stephenson, head of the US telecoms company AT&T, were two of the organisation’s board members who said they would support a change in policy.

Source: BBC News Read more


Sanctimonious bunch of arseholes!

For an organisation that pretends to forge the character of tomorrows leaders, this is just plain wrong.

This is how you develop bigots, not leaders.

It is time for the organisation with its current policies to be dismantled.

It is time for parents of scouts to remove their children from this blight on humanity until it shows the tolerance necessary for building people of character.


2 thoughts on “Earn your Bigots Proficiency Badge

  1. Alex Jones says:

    It is amazing that USA have no universal laws to prevent this sort of bias. Do these scouts receive public funding?

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