The Real Truth – Teenagers

A Point of View: Embarrassing parents and the teenage truth

All parents are destined to be ridiculous, embarrassing or annoying, warns Adam Gopnik.

The real truth about teenage or adolescent kids is simple though, and I will announce it here. The one thing that is written into the human genome is that exactly at the age of 13, your child – in a minute – and no matter how close or sympathetic the two of you have been before, will discover that you are now the most embarrassing, ridiculous and annoying person on the planet. This is a universal truth.

It will sometimes be expressed in a tone of pitying condescension, and sometimes in one of exasperated wrath; you can tell depending on whether the modifier or the noun is stressed: “Dad, you are so weird,” is almost affectionate, while “Dad, you are so weird,” is close to hostile.

The 13th birthday arrives, and the genome lights up like a Christmas tree when the mayor throws the switch. The parent who only a few years – a few months before – was a fount of wisdom and expertise and even companionship, becomes those three things: ridiculous, embarrassing and annoying.

The three fall in a neat exact order, and a highly specific sequence. You are first of all ridiculous because of your pretensions to be cool. You persist in the belief that you know good pop music from bad, or something about the relations of teenage boys and girls. And this in spite of the obvious truth that you are barely sentient, with one foot rooted in the dim, ancient past while with the other your toes are already tickling eternity.

You are embarrassing because, in spite of being ridiculous, you are not content to keep your absurdity decently to yourself, but insist on parading it around in public, greeting the 13-year-old’s friends and teachers as though you were a normal human being and not a kind of ward of the state, on the brink of being permanently committed.

“Dad, could I have the controls back please?”

It is bad enough to be ridiculous, but do you also have to be so public about it? And you are annoying, because, in spite of being ridiculous, and in the face of the wild public embarrassment you obviously cause, you still actually think that you can give advice and counsel – strongly suggest, or even command the 13-plus-year-old to do things.

No parent can hope to eliminate all three, but what every parent is capable of doing – and all that any parent is capable of doing – is to eliminate exactly one of the three as an accurate descriptor. “I may be ridiculous and annoying”, you can say, honestly, “but I am not embarrassing”. Or, “I know I embarrass you, but you cannot accurately call me ridiculous.” One out of three is the game of life.

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The above is not the entire article, nor does it begin at the beginning, but it does tell us about life for both parents and teenagers, and how independence arrives with a thud.


One thought on “The Real Truth – Teenagers

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Sad but true in modern society.

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