A Heroine

There’s some good left in some of the youth and young people today. Not all is lost.

Stories like this make the world a better place.

Maria Rowe, 11, brings heart attack dad back to life

Maria Rowe learned first aid with St John Ambulance

An 11-year-old girl brought her father back to life when he stopped breathing following a heart attack.

Maria Rowe, from Redruth, was guided by a 999-call operator as she performed CPR on her dad John.

On the third cycle of resuscitation Mr Rowe, 64, started to breathe again before an ambulance crew arrived and took over treatment.

Doctors confirmed Mr Rowe had suffered a heart attack and was recovering in hospital.

‘Took control’

Maria called 999 and told the call taker she held a St John Ambulance badge. The operator then guided her through performing CPR.

Her mother, Saras, said: “What Maria did was absolutely amazing. She was calm and took control as I didn’t know what to do.

“We are so proud of what she did and will be forever thankful that Maria had been taught first aid.”

Dave Christophers from St John Ambulance said: “I don’t think she realises the importance of what she has done.

“She calmly went to school the next morning as if nothing had happened.”

Source: BBC News


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