Then & Now


6 thoughts on “Then & Now

  1. oakworld says:

    Ha ha..loved that!

  2. Alex Jones says:

    How true this is. There is a correlation between the progress of technology and the “fall” of a human being. One aspect is that technology encourages laziness, for instance it is more likely most will shove a prepackaged mean into a microwave than spend two hours making a meal from raw ingredients as they used to do.

  3. Alex Jones says:

    *meal rather than “mean”. Another aspect of technology is it encourages people to write so fast they make errors.

    • >Alex, I am guilty of the same. A dollar each error like that and I would have retired already. btw, it was noted and duly overlooked for what it was. I blame it on the coffee, makes the keyboard sticky.

      For your info, I have corrected four such mistakes in this reply.


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