The Power of the Skirt

It has always been said the the skirt holds the reigns of power, that behind every successful man there is a woman…

Just how powerful is the skirt?

Victory for schoolboy, 13, who went to class in a skirt

Skirting the issue: Chris Whitehead, pictured last year, has finally made a breakthrough against his school’s uniform policy following his unusual protest

Wearing his sister’s skirt to school certainly got Chris Whitehead noticed.

Now it has also secured a nobler aim – and forced his school into a climbdown over its ban on shorts.

Chris, 13, made headlines with his outrageous method of protest at being prevented from wearing shorts in hot weather.

He brought national scrutiny to the uniform policy at Impington Village College, Cambridgeshire, when he turned up for lessons in a knee-length skirt last year.

He claimed it was unfair that girls were allowed to wear skirts while boys were banned from wearing shorts….

…Its code stated that students must wear ‘plain black tailored trousers or knee-length skirts without slits’ – but did not specify gender.

Source: Mail on-Line Read more


If you want something bad enough, go for it!



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