Extreme breastfeeding:

Should children be nursed for years?

Breastfeeding children for years rather than months is in the news. But is there anything wrong with it?

The latest cover of Time magazine has caused outrage. Under the headline “Are you mom enough?”, a young woman is pictured having her left breast suckled by a boy who appears way beyond usual breastfeeding age.

Source: You can read the BBC News article here and see the outrageous Time cover.

I read through the article, I followed some of the links until it made me sick.

The idea that babies are breast fed for a few months or maybe a year is ‘western stupid’.

My ex-wife followed the western pattern, first baby – a year, second – 9 months and the third – 6 months. We were a young couple and my ex followed all the time extolled ways of bringing up kids.

I have since lived in different cultures. My ex-partner breast fed Ellen Suellen for seven years, until Emmylee came along, even then she nursed at her mother’s breast occasionally for comfort until she was eight+ sometimes nursing alongside her infant half sister. She stopped before she was nine of her own accord. Emmylee, now five and a half, is still on the breast for her afternoon nap and before bed.

The idea of breast feeding only during infancy is ‘western stupid’.

The comments and linked articles shocked me, they took me to the depths of depredation that we call civilisation. That so many people found the idea repugnant the many for reasons touted, including incest, showed me how sick people have become in their thinking.

I agree, it was shock value to put the idea on Time Mag cover. But you all know that ‘shock value’ sells and corporations will stop at nothing. Also, what the stars do on their obligatory path to fame is, I believe a crock of shit. I have never seen any of the examples quoted, nor do I particularly want to.

But my bitch is that so many people found the breast feeding act repugnant just because it falls outside their puritan parameters.

Get a life!

You sick sick people.


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