The Cone of Shame

Florida teacher faces firing for placing ‘cone of shame’ on students: report

A Florida high school teacher may lose her job after she was caught allegedly making bad students wear a cone-shaped dog collar dubbed “the cone of shame.”

A cone-headed idea could cost a Florida teacher her job.

Pasco County school officials caught Zephyrhills High teacher Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp using a cone-shaped dog collar dubbed “the cone of shame” to punish misbehaving students after some teens posted photos on Facebook last month.

Parents saw the embarassing pics and complained, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Ninth-graders at the west Florida school said the 47-year-old science teacher and former veterinarian fastened the “cone of shame” on students who arrived late or acted up in class.

“I was in second period. I was drinking soda, and she said, ‘Do I have to put the cone on you?'” one unidentified girl said in a statement to the school board.

“I didn’t say anything and she put it on me.”

Bailey-Cutkomp brought the cone to school after showing students the Pixar movie “Up” during a slow day before spring break, the Times reported.

The 2009 flick featured a dopey dog named Dug who is forced to wear a “cone of shame” — in reality, a plastic collar that prevents animals from licking their wounds after surgery — as punishment.

Bailey-Cutkomp was booted from the classroom and is awaiting a school board hearing to determine whether she’ll be fired.

“I am stunned that you would put dog collars on students for any reason,” Pasco County schools superintendent Heather Fiorentino said in a letter, according to the newspaper.

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When I read this I was shocked, horrified!

This teacher was going to be fired… Hell, she should be given a medal!

If my kid had had to wear the ‘cone of shame’, I would have said “Serves you right!”

This teacher is trying to claim back what the parents have let get out of hand.

She should be praised, lauded, glorified, we mere mortals should bow down before her for her bravery, her stance against the status quo.

We bitch and complain about the social mess that our world is becoming, and then when someone does something to rectify it, we bitch and complain again.

Parents, if it was your kid who had to wear the ‘cone of shame,’ it was because maybe you just weren’t doing your job. Parents, pull your heads out of your sanctimonious arses and see the world for what it is; out of control.

Maybe the parents should be summoned to school and made to wear the ‘cone of shame’ along side their kids.

Congratulations, kudos to that teacher.


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