Marriage breakdown a scourge

Marriage breakdown a scourge, says High Court judge

The Marriage Foundation says marriage is best for couples, children and the wider society

The breakdown of marriage is one of the “most destructive scourges” in modern UK society, says a High Court Judge.

Sir Paul Coleridge is so concerned about family breakdown, he is launching a campaign to champion marriage as the “gold standard for relationships”.

Sir Paul, who sits in the Family Division, said he felt compelled to speak out because of the “unprecedented scale of the problem”.

The Marriage Foundation charity will be launched in London on Tuesday evening.

It has the support of many leading figures, including Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.

The foundation will campaign to improve public understanding of the “nature, benefits and importance of marriage and how healthy married relationships provide the most stable environment in which to raise children”.

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I think otherwise.

It is marriage that is the scourge.

Marriage is another example of male domination over the female; and, if you take it further marriage is nothing more than church sanctioned prostitution.

Many of the problems in today’s world are caused by this outdated ‘stable’ environment. I believe more so than than not.

For a start, man is polygamous; it is the church/religion that is enforcing monogamy.

Love is a myth.

Love should actually be referred to as lust. The desire for a suitable mate to procreate, which is our reason for being here; there is no other ethereal reason.

But religion has dominated both men and women into believing the sad myth of love. Religion has been male dominated for the last couple of thousand years and has been instrumental in keeping women down.

Men fear women. Yes, it’s true.

Back before men took control of religion, religion was matriarchal. It is this fear of women that makes the Catholics so against ordaining women. They shudder and tremble at the abhorrent thought that women could again be in control.

I am not that gifted as to imagine a solution, but I am of the opinion that men work to support their mother-raised offspring.

That marriage should be taken right out of the equation.

The finer mechanics are there, but to elucidate on them here would require books. however, that is the principle.

The emancipated woman of today is okay. Women should choose, motherhood or a career. I see no problem with a woman deciding that motherhood is not for her. But it is the working mother that is the root of the current problem.

Of course, that was a situation created by men. Women shouldn’t need to work. In today’s financial climate she must work to maintain the family unit because the ability of men to do it on their own has been effectively castrated by the global economy and downturn in real wages.

Now there’s something to think about.

It is the church that is extolling the virtues of marriage, not the man on the street. The high number and large increase of marriage breakdowns shows that there is a problem… marriage.

The churches know that if marriage becomes defunct, so do they. They are fighting for their existence and will tell lies (as they have done for centuries) to that end.


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