Not a Difficult Concept

Abortion is dangerous subject because it’s totally tied with religion. Which is…

Yes, if you are incensed, then please leave. I find it difficult to imagine how intelligent people can believe in a crock o’ shit. However, if you do that’s your problem.

Back to the subject…

The world currently has about 7 billion people, that means the planet is over-populated by about 6.5 billion. Yes, those figures are correct. It has been established for sometime now that this little blue rock circling our sun has the capacity to support half a million people.

Now how has this situation arisen?

Too many people are having babies…

No, try again…

Not enough people are dying…

Ah, now you understand the problem.

Medicine, and subsequently medical science has upset the fine balance of life and death.

Why? Because of religion, we have placed an inflated value on ourselves and life.

For everyone not dying as a result of a bodily malfunction or malady, that person is using the resources of the next new-born. Not only the resources of the ‘next’ new-born, but several others as well when you take into account the cost of and use of hospital resources.

We have to let people die. Replacing hearts and stuff is really a crime against nature. We have to let people die. The job of the medical profession in this respect is to ensure that a person with major health issues lives a dignified pain-free life until the inevitable.

Sounds pretty radical, doesn’t it.

But I’m afraid that that is reality. Of course it’s a very harsh reality that we are unable to face because religion does not allow euthanasia and the like.

The other end of the stick is abortions.

Once again, religion says abortions are a big no no.

We have to allow abortions, because it is only abortions that will help balance the equilibrium of life in our greed for longevity.

So for all you God-fearing people out their there is the conundrum; you want life but are not prepared to take the consequences of the natural laws that govern us, preferring instead to believe in some mythical being who has the power to deal with that.

The… good people, why isn’t he?


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