Waikuku School where kids can be kids

Old-fashioned values, traditional play-time technique

Parents fed up with over- zealous health and safety rules and politically correct playgrounds are clambering to send their children to a North Canterbury school which has placed an emphasis on “letting kids be kids and letting them play.”

Waikuku School has witnessed a roll explosion as principal Roger Hornblow’s relaxed teaching style has captured the imagination of local families.

The experienced headmaster jokingly describes his domain as: ‘The anti-safe school: We run with scissors.’

Of course, the kids don’t run with sharp instruments, but Waikuku refuses to wrap kids in cotton wool.

Instead, the school has returned to old-fashioned values and traditional play-time techniques and games.

A giant macrocarpa hedge that wraps around the school’s rear boundary has been renamed, ‘Man Land’ – and has been opened up for the children to play in and to fire their imagination.

The youngsters are also challenged by the principal to ride a unicycle around the concrete netball court.

And if they manage it, he buys them morning tea.

They have attempted to equal the high-jump world record using a mini-trampoline and a fat mat.

Kids snorkel lakes searching for sunken boats, tee-off at the local golf driving range, go paint-balling, and fill the school swimming pool with litres of dishwashing liquid for massive foam parties.

For Mr Hornblow, who joined the school in 2008 amidst a collapsing roll and an endemic behaviour problem, allowing pupils to have fun is critical to their self development and learning.

He said: “The whole thing about primary school is making memories. It’s central to the whole thing.

“If your kids go home from school saying ‘school sucks’, then your school probably does suck.

“We try hard to get kids to establish their own boundaries and let kids be kids and letting them play.

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This is what I have been saying for years. At last a man with balls, balls enough to fly in the face of all this politically correct bullshit.

Kids have to skin their knees and bleed, if they don’t, they don’t know it hurts; it’s all a part of growing up.


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