Promicuous Women

Are Women Who Have Had Five or More Partners Promiscuous?


How many partners must a woman have had for men to consider her promiscuous?

Are women who have had five or more partners promiscuous? They are according to AskMen’s Great American Male Survey–an even lower threshold than last year.

Remember how last year we were horrified when 41% of American men surveyed by AskMen said that women become sexually promiscuous after sleeping with 10 men — which at the time was the lowest possible option?
The results of the 2010 survey broke down like this:

At What Point Does A Woman Become Sexually Promiscuous? 

Never? 14%
When she sleeps with her 10th partner? 41% 
When she sleeps with her 20th partner? 34%
When she sleeps with her 50th partner? 14%
When she sleeps with her 100th partner? 3%

Well, this year, AskMen changed the survey, adding a lower option: When she sleeps with her 5th partner. And, would you believe it, given the lower option, the men surveyed voted that that was actually the tipping point into promiscuity.

Source: The Good Men Project

What a lot of tripe.

Question One: Who cares?

If you care then you have a problem, deal with it.

Question Two:  How many women have you slept with? Does that make you a big man? Does that make you promiscuous?

Raises the age old problem, “a man who sleeps around is sowing his wild oats, while a woman is a slut.”

Bloody puritans and their double standards!

Some women enjoy sex and why shouldn’t they? Let them enjoy it, just the same as men enjoy sex.

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that we still let the Bible into the bedroom.


2 thoughts on “Promicuous Women

  1. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that if a woman sleeps with a certain amount of men she is considered a slut. I think if a man likes you then who she has slept with in the past should not matter, what matters it what happens now. It’s none of their business who we have slept with before them, the past is our past and not theirs. We can’t change what choices we made just so they can have this perfect woman. Also i hate the fact that men can sleep with as many woman as they like and they are not considered sluts at all.

    • @SATS, pretty much what I have been saying for years, all this double standards is a load of old bollocks, all generated by the bible and marriage. If we didn’t have either, the world would be a lot better off. Thanks for the visit and comment, appreciated.


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